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Fashion Designer's Dilemma
Opening your own boutique or starting a fashion business is a dream of every inspired fashion designer. It sounds wonderful to curate a store full of items that bears your label and connect with customers who adore your designs, all while maintaining working hours that fit in with your lifestyle.

But, the road to your own successful clothing line is rarely smooth. As a fashion designer, you really enjoy the fun part of making sketches, getting feedback, and deciding which designs will become part of your first collection. But, this is less than 10% of the whole process. Running a fashion business means packing boxes at 2 am, steaming clothes over and over again, and pouring through receipts with an accountant; this is all part of your routine. To be successful in the fashion business, you need to pick the right partner, make business plans, secure investments, hire employees, pick out fabrics and materials, choose garment manufactures, market your clothing lines, generate sales, fulfill sales orders, manage customer satisfaction, and vendors expectations; the list goes on and on.

The road to your own clothing line is treacherous, starting out as a young designer, with the talent and passion for design, is there any hope?

What if somebody could change the way you play the game of the fashion business? Change it into something more fair and accessible. Change it into something that mirrors only your immense talent and passion for design.

This is exactly where the model of Onlykickshop steps in. The team at Onlykickshop have dedicated ourselves to enabling fashion talented people to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

You design fashion, we provide the rest.

At Onlykickshop, designers can focus all their energy on design. You submit the design sketches, along with any notes, patterns, specifications that will help to keep us true to the design concept; and the prototype to Onlykickshop. We will handle the rest, from market research and marketing to production, from order taking to distribution. We will turn your designs into finished fashions and get them to customers worldwide. We will even provide a social media platform to help you to get instant feedback and one-on-one communication from a worldwide audience in the comfort of your own home. And best of all, we will provide all these services at zero cost and risk to you.

In the end: We will share the revenue with the designer. Fairly and Squarely.

Your dream is our dream.

Together let's change the game of the fashion business and enable every talented designer to pursuit their own passion.?If you are a designer and interested in working with us, please contact us at service@Allingirl.com for inquiry.